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At the annual National No-Tillage Conference in Indianapolis, No-Till Farmer readers voted 20/20 SeedSense the #1 Product of the Year for 2015.

This is the first year 20/20 SeedSense has taken the overall Product of the Year prize, but it was a winner in the Precision Tools category six times previously. 

The Keeton Seed Firmer got honorable mention in the Planter/Drill attachments category. In the Precision Tools category, the 20/20 SeedSense won the award, but FieldView, vDrive, and DeltaForce all received honorable mention. 

We are very excited and honored to have 20/20 SeedSense as the Product of the Year. But more importantly, we’re excited because that means that it’s showing you the issues in your field so you can make a real difference during planting. 

VDrive and Deltaforce being installed

VDrive and Deltaforce being installed

vDrive is a custom planter on each row. Whatever you need and ask of that row happens. Period.

Mechanical drive systems have a lot of moving parts and require maintenance and costly upkeep. vDrive is self-contained and virtually maintenance free.
Ensure your planting success with a stable setup you can count on season after season.

With too much weight on your row units, you get compacted roots.
With too little, you get seeds too close to the surface.

But when your down force matches field conditions, you maintain
the right depth and create a just-right seed environment for
maximum yield.

DeltaForce enables just that, automatically & continuously.