Hi Yield Ag is a distributor of technology solutions for agriculture. They are suppliers of KTS Wireless telemetry solutions, and Sentek soil moisture products. Their advanced solutions to agriculture includes a backend cloud-database, allowing you to continuously monitor and manage your crops soil moisture content with ease online and on the go.

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Sentek sensors utilize capacitance based technology to provide near continuous measurements within the soil profile.

By creating a high frequency electrical field around the sensor, extending through the access tube into the surrounding soil, the sensors detect the changes in dielectric constant, or permittivity, of the soil over time. At high frequency the measurement is affected predominantly by water molecules. The greater the amount of water, the smaller the frequency measured between the two brass rings of the sensor. 

Sentek's soil moisture sensor is suitable for use in all soil types under all conditions of soil water content, from saturated to oven dry.


Hi Yield Ag My Farm App provides an easy to use application for monitoring your fields' moisture content and all other sensor information at the touch of the screen. 

High Yield Ag Solutions (HYAS) is now offering a fully-automated network for ‘around-the- clock’ monitoring of soil moisture levels.

This network includes high-resolution probes with 6, 9 or 12 sensors evenly spaced to a depth of 2, 3 or 4 feet below ground level. Moisture readings from all sensors are automatically collected at user-configurable rates and stored in a secure database server with password-protected access.

From the authorized user’s web browser, graphs can be viewed over the entire growing season for each probe and sensor clearly indicating crop water uptake and root development at all sensor depths, clearly indicating when irrigation is needed. This not only saves cost but significantly improves yield potential.






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